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WIFI & 4G Enabled

How do mobile card machines work?

A mobile card machine lets you take payments from customers there and then, face to face. No more relying on invoices or cash.

Its uses 4G to connect to the strongest GPRS signal available through a SIM card, just like your mobile phone does. That means that you can accept credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere in the UK, helping make things easier for you.

Mobile card machines are also perfect for hospitality businesses serving customers outside, whether that's in your garden or allocated seating area on a pavement. Plus our mobile card machines come equipped with contactless payments so you can serve more customers quickly.

Check out our available card machines below.

Paying with a Phone



Castles Technology’s newly designed S1F2 next generation mobile device offers multifunctional capabilities and optimizes the checkout process for your business. It comes with several optional features including 4G LTE/3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, microphone, rear camera, barcode reader, and stylus.

The S1F2 is based on a secure Android platform and has integrated contactless reader function with a 5.5” full touchscreen. The S1F2 is an extremely easy, safe and secure for merchants looking for a next generation payment device.

All-in-one device

Accept payments next to a variety of apps like your cash register, inventory, and customer order history.

Print on the go

Provide customers a receipt from anywhere in your store, no running back to the counter.

Castel Saturn 05.png

Better performance

Built for speed and innovation, with a quad-core processor and Android 9.0 operating system.

ingenico-move-3500-367 copy.png



Managing all payment types in every location. The Move/3500 accepts any payment method allowing you to make NFC payments a seamless customer experience.

Bring mobile payments to your POS via a hyper-connected terminal.

A smooth payment experience while on the go.



The perfect companion for mobile businesses, indoors and out.

Enhance your customer engagement on the shop floor with this sleek design for high-end environments.

Designed for hospitality, high street and small merchants, the Move/5000 enables a seamless shopping experience that's free from the checkout.

move-500 copy.png


V200CP200 copy.png


Smart, affordable, countertop solution. Every detail from its ergonomic design to its angled LCD screen and elevated EMV slot, is thoughtfully constructed for ease of use.

From streamlining business operations to offering loyalty rewards, merchants can easily customize the POS with innovative apps.



The V240m, part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, combines the latest in features, functionality, and performance into one efficient and cost-effective solution. Boasting a large, 3.5" color touch display, more memory, faster processor and multiple connectivity options, this full-function portable payment device makes doing business on the go easy.

With a new intuitive user interface, it's easy to navigate and ideal for pay-at-the table, curbside delivery, kiosks and line-busting

21926-thickbox_default-Verifone-V240M-3G-BTWifi copy.png

If you need any assistance with our devices and prices then please get in touch. Our team are happy to help.

Call 01253 531843

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